Privacy Policy


We take our obligations to look after your data seriously and this is where we tell you about ourselves, what information we collect and what we do with it.

There are a few legal bits in here too – we’ll try to explain these as clearly and simply as we can, but you can always ask us if you want any further information.

Here’s a clue to what we are going to talk about, with handy hyperlinks to make it easy:

Our general data privacy principles

The data collected, what we do with it and who says we can

Sharing your data

Cookies and online activities

Your rights

Who we are

How to contact us

If we change the way we handle your information


Our general data privacy principles:

Your information forms an essential part of our business, so we must treat it with respect.

When we ask you to give us some information, we will make it clear what we are asking for and how we are going to use it. Should we suddenly become very interested in another subject, we’ll ask you before we assume you are also interested and want to hear from us about this too.

You should only receive marketing emails from us because we only talk to our customers and clients, and if we want to establish a relationship with someone new we will pick up the telephone first (we’re old school!).

We don’t want to know your shoe size or even the name of your cat, so we don’t collect that kind of information. The only information we want is the bare minimum to ensure that we can deliver the services you want us to. Similarly, we only really want to talk to you about events so we aren’t going to use your information for other things. And when we no longer want to talk to one another about events then we will remove your information.

Lots of our work is done on behalf of other parties who share personal data with us so that we can deliver outstanding customer service to their guests. When this happens we have a formal agreement and when the event is finished we return the data to the client and delete it from our systems.

The data collected, what we do with it and who says we can:

This is the legal bit – bear with us:

At Mabrouka Events Ltd we collect your information when you do one of the following things:

  • When you contact us for information
  • When you work with us in a commercial capacity
  • When you use the website
  • Through cookies
  • If you complete your details on research questionnaires


We do, of course, collect data on behalf of our clients so that we can run their events. The gathering and processing of this information are covered by our agreements with each client as they are the data controller. This means that the information is collected under the client’s privacy policy, so that isn’t the data that we are talking about here. To help us manage this information we only use trusted partners who take data security and integrity as seriously as we do. We ask them questions about their security measures and processes and get experts to assess the answers they give us.

We can’t just take it into our heads to collect your data without purpose. We have to have what’s known as a legal basis for processing, which is the reason we asked for it in the first place. This is complex stuff. It has made our brains hurt. But here goes:

  • Where you provide data in the course of doing business with us we process your data under Contract, i.e. your data is necessary for the fulfilment of the service.
    Any additional contact, i.e. telling you about other services we offer or to update you on our news is managed under legitimate interest.
  • Any secondary processing of your data, i.e. sharing with third parties, sending you messages on behalf of third parties, transfer to third countries, is managed under Consent.

If you don’t like what we are doing you can always tell us to stop or change, and we will make this as easy as possible.

Sometimes, we use a bit of the information we hold about you to send you specific stuff.  For instance, if we know you like doing events in Asia, we are going to tell you about hotel visits or familiarisation trips we have been to in Asia.

If your data needs to go beyond the boundaries of the EEA we will make sure that there is an appropriate legal mechanism in place for keeping it safe.

We can’t keep your data forever, so we work out how long it is reasonable to keep it for, depending upon what we are using it for. Sometimes a higher authority than us says we have to keep things like details of financial transactions for a certain period, so we do as we are told.

When the time comes to say goodbye, we make sure that we erase your data from our system, minimise or pseudonymise it (aka data in disguise) or retain a little bit of it on our global suppression list to ensure that you do not get unwanted missives from us.

Sharing your data:

We will not share your personal information with others for marketing purposes because you are our precious clients and we want you all to ourselves.

Cookies and online activities

Cookies are little text files that are placed onto your computer or electronic device when you access our website. Rather than give you chapter and verse about this now, we have another document for you to read – Cookie Policy

We do use Google Analytics on our site however you can opt-out of Google Analytics monitoring your behaviour by clicking on this link:

Your rights:

The rules on data protection mean that you have some rights concerning the way your information is collected and processed.

What this means is that if you want to access or change the actual information itself you can ask us and we have up to a month to respond.

If you want us to stop sending you information, or you only want us to contact you in a certain way, all you have to do is to let us know and we will be happy to oblige. You can also ask us to remove your information, but sometimes that higher authority comes along again and says we have to keep it. In this circumstance, we will tell you why we can’t do what you ask.

Contact us on the details below.

Who we are:

Mabrouka Events Ltd is the organisation responsible for looking after your data, in legal terms, this makes us the data controller. We are a company registered in England and Wales

Mabrouka Events Limited

Room 1, First Floor, 11 Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2JJ

Company number 04147083

How to contact us:

If you would like access to or a copy of, the information we hold about you; or if you would like to correct or maybe even ask us to stop sending you stuff; then please use the details below to contact us:

Data Manager:

If for some reason, you aren’t happy with the way that we have treated you or your information, you should contact the ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office:
Telephone: +44 303 123 1113

If we change the way we handle your information:

If we make any fundamental changes to the way we handle your information, we will tell you what we have done here. If we want to do something really big we will send you a message to let you know.

The formal name for all of this lovely information is that it is our privacy notice and it was created in July 2018.